Saturday, February 14, 2009

As long as they dont' scare the horses.

Which I suspect my blog photo might well do. It sure as hell scares me when I see it. I really should change it . I have something more acceptable (definition of acceptable: I dont' cringe when I see it).

February has been a total write off as far as reading is concerned. I don't think I've finished a single book. I'll blame it on a combination of a succession of books that I couldn't become interested in and the heatwave. Also the fact I'm in an ever increasing state of frenzied excitement over my upcoming trip to Left Coast Crime Hawaii. Now just 18 days away. It will be my first trip out of the country in over 30 years and probably the only one I'm likely to get.

So many things to get together, so many tough decisions to make. I'll be getting books at the convention so the toughest decision is how many books to take on the long flight over and which ones? I should probably rule out hardcovers. Dithering about that one.

So veteran travellers - What is your rule of thumb in making your reading choices for long-haul flights?


Kerrie said...

I don't take any library books in case I lose them.
And I try to choose smaller books as they are easier to poke into spaces in your bags than fat ones.
And I try to take books I know I want to read.
But once I took 3 books that I had already read! very grrful

Sunnie Gill said...

At least if we take books we've already read or we don't like there will be someone we can swap with.

Bernadette in Australia said...

Definitely no hard backs. Try for mass market paperback size rather than trade paperback size. Aside from anything else they're not as expensive to leave behind (or swap) if you can't fit them in your luggage on the return trip.

And generally, for the flight itself, I don't try things that are totally new - i.e. authors I've never tried before. Or at least if I do have a brand new author I have a backup or two. There is nothing worse than deciding in hour 1 of a 15 hour flight that you hate the book you've brought - it makes every minute drag. So usually I take new books by authors I know - safer that way :)

Have a great time

sally906 said...

Nothing to deep - I never want to read meaningful stories when traveling - something light, easy and entertaining. Also take at least 1 unread book in your handbag and three in your on board luggage and I can carry one in my hand that I am actually reading :)