Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review: GREASING THE PINATA - Tim Maleeny

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
This edition published: 2008
ISBN: 9781590585665
334 pages

Cape Weathers is a P.I. He is hired by the daughter of a former senator to find both her father and her wayward brother who have both gone missing. Cape doesn’t really want to take the case; he has no time for politicians, former or otherwise. But he can never resist a pretty face.

Along with his companion Sally, a Hong Kong Triad trained martial arts expert, Cape journeys to Mexico where the body of the Senator is found eaten by a alligator at a golf course. Now that really is putting the hazard into water hazard.

While investigating what happened to the senator our hero manages to be kidnapped, alienate the local police, become entangled with drug dealers, and steal from the mafia. Not exactly a quiet day at the office.

The author, Tim Maleeny has chosen to go down the wise-cracking PI route and it does serve him pretty well. What doesn’t is a plot that is a little too long on action and short on depth. There are only so many times Cape can fall into the hands of the bad guys and be rescued by Sally before it begins to become a little stale.
GREASING THE PINATA does have some genuinely humourous moments, However, the fight scenes and action sequences overshadow them. My opinion is coloured because I’m not really an action fan. It’s fine on the movie screen, but for the most part I find it tedious in books.

If you’re looking for a quick pacey read, then GREASING THE PINATA might work for you. If you want something with more substance and credibility you may find yourself disappointed.

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