Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When truth truly is stranger than fiction

Australians with even a passing interest in crime and crime fiction will be familiar with the Melbourne gangland wars and the demise of the Moran family. Everyone thought that saga was over, but no. More developments this week.

Yet another member of the family has been gunned down. Desmond Moran, brother of Lewis Moran (murdered), uncle to brothers Jason and Mark Moran (both murdered). Desmond was widely regarded as a pretty minor player in the Melbourne underworld.

Now his sister-in-law, the larger-than-life Judy Moran has been arrested for being an accessory after the fact of his murder as well as Suzie Kane, sister-in-law of her murdered son Jason . Kane's boyfriend (both of whom were living with Judy) has been charged with the murder of Desmond.

If you wrote a soap opera about all this, no one would believe it. It would be dismissed as being too fanciful.

If you want to find out more about this fascinating saga visit for a potted family history
for comprehensive coverage.

Do you follow true crime stories like this and if so which ones have sparked your interest?


Bernadette in Australia said...

Nope Sunnie, don't follow it and don't have much interest in doing so. I think I'm the only person in Australia who didn't watch Underbelly

Sunnie Gill said...

For me it's about trying to understand the thinking behind such behaviour.

Mind you this latest round of events is better than any soap opera.