Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hawaii, here I come!!

I nearly forgot. After several months of prevarication and faffing about, I finally bit the bullet on my guilt and booked a flight to Hawaii!!

I'm going to Left Coast Crime in Hawaii in March next year!! The guilt comes from the fact that for health and stress reasons I gave up my job and enrolled in a full time course at TAFE. At the end of 2 years I'll be a qualified library technician. But because I've stopped working we're now down to one fairly meagre income. At least I had the airfare saved before I stopped working.

On the upside and the reason I finally booked my flights was that I found a site that offered student discounts on the flights I wanted - and with QANTAS. I save about $200 all up. Which aint bad. No more procrastinating. I'm probably not going to get a better deal and fuel prices are only going to continue to rise.


Kerrie said...

Well done on taking the plunge Sunnie

Sunnie said...

Thanks, kerrie. I'm still trying to get my head around it..

fread said...

And it's going to be FUN!!

Maddy said...

Left Coast Crime (LCC) is a wonderful convention for crime fiction lovers. It's going to be extra special this year because there will be a first-ever meeting of some long-time members of the online group, 4 Mystery Addicts (4MA). I can't wait to meet the Fabulous Sunnie and all the rest of the amazing Oz contingent.

Great job so far on the blog, Sunnie!


Sly said...

Wow Sunnie that's wonderful that you've decided to go to LCC in Hawaii. I wish I could go to as Hawaii is in the top five of my favorite places. Nice blog too.

I bet that's a long trip.


Joy said...

Have a great time in Hawaii!
You and your dogs look very happy in that picture! Good luck with your degree. I work at a library and love it.

Sunnie said...

Hi Joy,

not a degree, just a diploma. It's much cheaper to acquire and easier go get and if I decide to end up going on to a degree I'll get credit for the work aleady done.