Sunday, July 6, 2008

Quiet, cold Sunday.

The weather here continues to be mostly awful. We're getting our fair share of frosty mornings, the trouble is that the one thing that makes those frosty starts bearable is missing. Most days when it starts out this cold, the sun is out and we end up with a beautiful sunny but cold winter day. Lately though, soon after the frost, cloud has descended and the rest of the day is spend under dreary, grey skies which means the place doesn't warm up at all. Even the wood heater going doesn't seem to take much of the edge off the cold at the moment.

Reading-wise, not much to report. Making progress with Bye, Bye Baby by Lauren Crow. It's a doorstop of a book at just over 500 pages and perhaps could have done with a little paring down.

My aim to read all the Ned Kelly nominee long-list before the awards in late August is starting to look a bit shaky. I do hope not too many of the nominated books are as fat as this one.

Mind you, after a rocky start - I really did think I was going to struggle with holding my interest, it's starting to pick up, although I could live without the romance elements. If I wanted to read romance I'd read romance books. But that's my quirk.

Will anyone read my ramblings apart from me I wonder?


Susana said...

Well, it's 11 AM here, hubby is cooking with the best son in law ever (as good as Rose's) and I'm looking into the mail. Much humidity these last days (from 90% on) and rather cold. Congratulations on your blog, my friend, the only drawback is I cannot find many Aussie books here. It's a pity because the Australian/New Zealand contingent is the best in 4MA.
Nice photo, like the dogs and their owner. Luck with the blog, it's a smashing idea.
Love, Susy

Sunnie said...

Susy, look on bookdepository. or abebooks. quite a few of them turn up listed on those websites.

Cathy said...

Yes, other people will read your ramblings...especially your friends from 4MA!